Midwifery care is not just for home birth.

We  also provide our midwifery model of care in the prenatal and postpartum period for families who prefer a hospital birth. You can have the same hands on, low tech/ high care service enjoyed by home and birth center birthing moms. 

Our strength is promoting normal pregnancy and birth, and we help you stay healthy, strong and happy through pregnancy, birth and beyond. When you go into labor, you birth at the hospital of your choice, with the doctor on call in attendance. Evidence suggests that women who have midwifery care in pregnancy have a lower rate of complications, interventions and C section, even when they give birth in a hospital. That alone is a good reason to be cared for by a midwife. 

After your baby is born, we offer much more support in the postpartum time. We visit in your home at three days and at one week to make sure all is going well, breastfeeding is working out, your baby is gaining weight, and you are recovering. The two-week and six-week postpartum visit is in our office. Additional visits can be scheduled as needed.