Postpartum Care

As you meet and get to know your new baby, both of you are adjusting rapidly to this new life outside the womb and the end of pregnancy.

While you are bonding, we are quietly continuing to monitor and care for both of you. We make sure you’re clean, comfortable, and well nourished. We examine the baby, support you in establishing breastfeeding, and hold space as you fall in love with your new baby.

The first 24 hours

Most families choose to stay at the birth center for several hours after birth, and we welcome you to stay for up to 24 hours. Before you go home, we make sure you’re comfortable with caring for your baby, and understand what to expect in the postpartum time. We offer the medical standard prophylactic Vitamin K orally or by injection for your baby, the California newborn screening test, and CCHD testing for heart disease.We remain on call for you, 24/7, with any questions or concerns, after your return home.

3-7 days

After you leave the birth center, your postpartum care continues. We provide a home visit on the third day and at one week, and are available for additional visits or phone consultation as needed. We check in with you and your baby, assess healing and breast feeding, and process the paperwork for the birth certificate.

Two weeks

At two weeks, we have an in office postpartum visit, which includes a restorative and relaxing massage.

Six Weeks

At the six-week visit in office, we come together to conclude your midwifery care for this pregnancy, and plan ahead for good health as you go forward, and send you off with a final hug and great wishes for  your future.

six months

We continue to stay in touch through the first six months after your baby’s birth, and we like to hear from you afterward as well! You and your baby mean a lot to us.