Yay, you’re pregnant! Now we meet often to watch your baby grow and make sure you both are staying healthy throughout your pregnancy.

We offer prenatal care as part of our comprehensive package for our birth center clients, as well as to families who choose hospital birth.

When should I start prenatal care?

After that positive pregnancy test, it’s a good idea to meet your midwives and get into care within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. At each appointment, we monitor the baby’s growth and heart rate, discuss nutrition, exercise, emotional support, and prepare for birth, breastfeeding, and beyond. We offer the standard laboratory and other diagnostic tests  for pregnancy, if you choose to have them.

How often you'll meet with us

In the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, we meet once per month. From 28 to 36 weeks, we meet every two weeks, and from 36 weeks until birth we meet weekly.  Appointments generally last about an hour and include healthy SNACKS!

What if I have complications?

We will refer you to a MD if you become ill during your pregnancy, or if your baby needs extra care. Quite often, when the medical problem resolves, you may resume midwifery care. We are also happy to work in collaborative care with your doctor so that you can see your MD and also receive midwifery care during your pregnancy.